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Zip Code: 11359
Area Code:718
Latitude:40.7900 N
Longitude:73.7808 W

The goal of this site is twofold:

  1) To become a place where past residents of Fort Totten can share fond memories about their time on the base.

  2) To act as a source of detailed information about Fort Totten's history.

I'm still developing a list of features for the site, but it will include a fairly detailed history, memories, historical photos and the latest news about the base.

If you lived or worked on the base, it would be great to hear from you. [ Drop me a line ]

  About Your Humble WebMaster  

After about three years of visiting the base with my reservist father to use the Commissary and Post Exchange, we moved onto the base in 1968, when he went on Active Duty and I was 9 years old.  We moved to Virginia for about 18 short months in 1968 & 1969, then returned to Fort Totten.

2003 Dad was a Navy officer who was able to transfer between duty stations within the NYC area.  After I joined the Navy in 1977, my family remained for several more years before Dad was finally transferred out of the area.  That comes to almost 13 years of my life that I spent in one of the best places in the world.

Before moving onto Fort Totten, I attended PS 20 in Flushing from Kindergarten to 4th grade.  While I lived on the base I attended PS 209 and JHS 194 in Whitestone, graduating from Bayside High School in 1977.

As any military brat will tell you, it's highly unusual for a military family to stay in one place very long, but that's the way things worked out for me.  The friends I met while living on Fort Totten left after two or three years but the memories stayed forever.

After 20 years living in West Michigan, My wife Teri and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee last summer with our daughter, her husband and their two kids.  Hopefully our son will follow at some point.  Teri & I own and operate a web development and hosting company, and I'm a part-owner in another.  In our "spare time" I'm a part-time professional photographer and musician, and Teri is a singer/songwriter.

Contact me by e-mail here.

Where we lived, in the order we lived there...
512 Abbott Rd. A "Capehart" quad-plex in the northwest corner of the base.
407 Murray Ave. A "Capehart" quad-plex up behind the church.  The school bus stop was behind our house.
203 Totten Ave. Next to the main gate during the Job Corps era.  Said to have been reserved for the use of General MacArthur when he visited the NYC area.  7,587 square feet for two families.  We lived downstairs.  Huge kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  We ran a ceramics store in the basement.  My sister and our parents had fireplaces in their bedrooms.
420 Weaver Ave. Across from the Parade Field and next to the Commandant's Quarters.  We had been offered the Commandant's House, but my mother vetoed that idea because she didn't want to have to clean it (12,587 sqare feet - one family).  We ran a ceramics store in the basement.  The house had a butler's pantry, a formal dining room w/crystal cabinet, seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a large fireplace in the living room.  There was a tin ceiling in the kitchen.

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The web site is an unofficial, not-for-profit resource created to help reunite people who worked or lived on the base while it was active.  While we are always happy to work with any individual or organization with information, suggestions or questions about Fort Totten and this site, this site is not affiliated with, nor does it take any content guidance from, the US Army, the City of New York, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the New York City Fire Department, any municipal, tourism or non-profit agency.

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