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Zip Code: 11359
Area Code:718
Latitude:40.7900 N
Longitude:73.7808 W

U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N
Information about the base, from its design to construction, to its various uses and evolution through the years.

I have a lot of photos and stories in my personal collection, and I've collected additional material from other sources.  I'm doing this in my spare times, so getting this organized is going to be a big project.
NEW! - 12/24/2006: Fort Totten's Historical Timeline

Topics To Be Covered:

    William Thorne Jr. "Thorne's Neck"

    Wilkins "Wilkins' Neck"

    Charles Willet "Willet's Point"

    Capt. Robert E. Lee

    Civil War (Camp Morgan)

    Grant General Hospital

    Col. Joseph G. Totten

    Water Battery

    Army Corps of Engineers

    Col. Henry L Abbot

    Mine/Torpedo R & D

    Coast Defense Mortar

    Endicott System

    Mortar Batteries (buried)

    World War I

    Anti-Aircraft Batteries

    World War II

    Armed Forces Medical
    Research Laboratory

    Mr. Jack Fein

    Cold War Era

    Nike Missile System

    Coast Guard Station

    Base Housing

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