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Zip Code: 11359
Area Code:718
Latitude:40.7900 N
Longitude:73.7808 W

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New York Times: An Old Fort's Last Protector; Veteran Keeps Totten, an Army Relic, From Fading Away
Jodi Wilgoren - July 16, 1999

Bayside Historical Society

Nike Missile Battery at Fort Slocum
From 1954 to 1974, Fort Totten was the regional headquarters of the NIKE missile system in New York, overseeing four missile batteries and providing administrative offices and housing facilities.  Battery "D" of the Army's 66th Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion was headquartered at Fort Totten, but its missiles were located at Hart Island.

Your webmaster interviewed by the New York Times
Fortress New York, Falling to Time; Across City, Vestiges of the Days of Redcoats, Rebels and Russians
By David W. Chen - December 16, 2001

"Marked for Posterity: Queens Landmarks" - Queens Tribune
(Scroll down to "Fort Totten Historical District" and "Fort Totten Battery")

Cornell University Students Volunteer To Rescue Civil War Landmarks In Queens - By Linda Myers - April 25, 2002

Bayside Queens History
Not very well maintained. Lots of broken links and missing images. Some brief info about the Fort Totten Battery and the Officers Club.

In Defense of the Port - by Peter Fleischer - May, 2001
Gotham Gazette

Environmental Cleanup

Revisions To The Draft Remedial Investigation (PDF)
Fort Totten Coast Guard Station, Queens, NY

Public Draft Final - Fort Totten Coast Guard Station (PDF)
December 2002 - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Base Reuse

The Battle of Fort Totten and
The Battle of Fort Totten: Historical Background
by Ray Beckerman, Esq., a resident of Jamaica Estates - 1996 - Preserve & Protect, Inc.

The Fate of Fort Totten: Parkland or ! - 1996
Preserve & Protect, Inc.

Ft. Totten: "Such work our descendents will thank us forů" - 1997
Benjamin M. Haber, President, Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association

Ft. Totten Forum: Pro & Con - 1997

A People's Proposal for Fort Totten - 1997
Ray Beckerman, Spokesperson, The Fort Totten Conservancy, Inc.

The Afterlife Of Fort Totten: From Platoons To Playgrounds - Queens Tribune
By Aaron Rutkoff, Angela Montefinise and Myles Gordon

Base Closures and Realignments: 1995 Commission Recommendations - March 31, 1996

Councilman Paul Graziano Testimony: Landmarks Preservation Commission / Fort Totten - May 4, 1999
Proposed Municipal Historic District


Fort Totten's WikiPedia Listing

Going Home - Fort Totten Engagement Home & Garden Television
Totten Alum Suzanne Santry returns to the base to announce engagement & seek wedding locations.
Suzanne was a friend of ours.  I've twice asked HGTV when this episode will air again, but their reply was basically to "keep an eye out" for it.

Coast Guard Station Fort Totten -


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