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Zip Code: 11359
Area Code:718
Latitude:40.7900 N
Longitude:73.7808 W


This is the place for personal recollections.  Feel free to submit your memories and categories too!
Categories are listed in no particular order.  Oh, and let's keep it more or less clean, ok?
      Ten Mile River (TMR / "Too Many Rocks")
      Cub Scouts met at old Fire Station near the PX

      Sacred Heart Academy
      PS 209
      JHS 194
      Bayside High School

Teen Club

Base Theater:
      "Night of A Thousand Stars"

Blackout of 1975

"Devil's Hill" (AKA "Suicide Hill", officially Spiller Rd.)


Old Fort:
      Echo Tunnel
      Water Fort
      Pet Cemetary

      Gas Station
      Snack Bar
      Four Seasons

Exploring Abandoned Buildings

1964-65 World's Fair


Swimming in the Bay

Parade Grounds


Officers Club ("The Castle")
      Tennis Court

      Coast Guard
      Fire Boat "John Glenn"
      Police Boat

Sledding on Coast Guard Hill

Job Corps

Base Chapel:
      Roger O'Donnell (Organist)
      Sunday School
      Vacation Bible School
      Holiday Programs

Daily Ceremonies:
      Reveille at 6 a.m.
      Retreat at 5 p.m. (w/cannon)
      Taps at 10 p.m.

Bay Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps

DePhillips Athletic Club (DAC)

American Cadet Alliance

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